The Babbler Summit !!

The Babbler Summit !!

In a hot and bright afternoon in midsummer, the Jungle Babblers gathered around the cool pool near the woods in the hillside resort in Kerala, India. I took their meet in moments of the hot sunlight and shades of leaves in my Canon 500D with its 400mm prime lens,


The Jungle Babblers Summit in the Midsummer


The Babblers around the pool


Chat among the Meet

last year,,yes, this I shot in the last midsummer…deep felicitations to the Babblers under the hot and bright Sun of that midsummer !! Bablrsmmt1


Just before the Monsoon arrives…,


The Egret Pair Awaiting the Monsoon in the Southern Coast of India

In the southern coast of India here, at the outset of the tropics, monsoon arrives by the middle of May ; the clouds began to sprout across the sky during the time…;on such a time,  just before the early noon, I have witnessed this Egret pair on the banana leaves, near a cattle shed in the countryside and took it in my Canon 500D just before the clouds fading the bright lights of the early noontime that welcomes the arrival of the monsoon;