The Thirst for a Song or The Indian black Male…!!

The Thirst for a Song or The Indian black Male…!!


The Indian’ Koil ‘which is called ‘The Black Indian Male Singer’.


Before quenching the thirst before a melodious note in the afternoon..


A short pause before a plunge….


Thirsting in….in the wilderness of the summer..!!


The Indian Black Male Singer ; near the summer pool…

Singing in the wild is sweet while heard away from the singer….but singing out in the wilderness of the surroundings is quite hard to any singer. Here I have the pauses between the wild summer notes flown out of the Indian Black Singer  during the dense afternoons of the last midsummer from the tropical lands of Southern India.In the morning notes of the bird, there had not been nothing sweet due to the, for  some melodious notes from that throat, I have to wait till the bird has had a throat fulfilled in the afternoon after the moments that I had frozen down with these stills …!