Fruit season arrived in the tropics provided the woods with the lustrous green and blushing oranges among the ripe fruits and canopying leaves….and there came a silky green guest to have the delicious and the most colorful breakfast served by the Mother Nature in the fabulous forenoon thus enjoying the essence of the taste of season in the South of Indian subcontinent .





Cormorant ,brooding over…..,

Cormorant ,brooding over…..,

IMG_0417.jpgIMG_0418.jpgNooimg_0415ntime perplexed in the seawater with the scattered sea plants floating slightly  across the dense surface of the dockyard that remained aloof….where the black cormorant started brooding over the camouflage  of the noontime fever of light and the distant sea line….,the ship fumed in sighs, far away from the yard….,
The reflections on the sea reminded a mirror of dreams yearning to be real…..from where  the bird began …!

The Woodpecker in the Banana Trunk

The Woodpecker in the Banana Trunk

The Woodpecker came to the banana tree on a cloudy evening of the autumn last year..It was to make a quick search of insects among the banana leaves and  the trunk. Since the time has not much light and the woods around found little bit deserted that moment, the bird spend a bit more time than the usual to finish the scan among the trunks and so I got time enough to take shots more than expected, of the bird scanning through the tree , in my canon 500D even though the lighting was not much favorable for a shoot of the kind. Woodpk7WoodpkWoodpk5Woodpk1

A safer launch in the woods…Indian Pond Heron

A safer launch in the woods…Indian Pond Heron

It was safer to the Indian Pond Heron to launch in the woods at the time because the sun was bright, the pool was full and the surroundings were peaceful with the presence of none…! So it made a sound watch of the place for a few minutes from atop the country terrace …,and then slowly launched near the pool to have a plunge and enough drink…,and everything  was caught up in my Canon 500D.IMG_6586




Bathing time, the Greater Couccal , the Bird of Fortune,

Bathing time, the Greater Couccal , the Bird of Fortune,


Getting refreshed after a plunge


Landing into the Bathing Point with pointed beak and shrewd eyes…!

In the hot summer time of South India,the Greater Couccal which is also described as the Bird of Fortunes in the legends of India, came to the pool to have a bath in detail…Deccoucl3The first plunge into the pool was over and the bird stood steady ahead with the eyes looking sharper ….and the feet shaking for a moment ….


So vigilant that nobody should hurt the bathing moments…

After a prolonged dip, it got out of the pool in power and stared the surroundings in more vigilance!


The Greater Couccal, after the full fledged bath..

When bathing was over, the Bird of Fortune of the Legends ,with the wet body and a cool head ,made a look ahead in search of the Mate…!

A Way to the Pond when the Rains around ….!!

A Way to the Pond when the Rains around ….!!

When the evening was filled with the clouds of rain in this April, the kingfisher found the way to the pond to have a dip to refresh itself from the hot and humid noon..! Slight rain, the haughty wind and the gloomy air were there around the plains …and hence it was essential for the bird to quench its thirst and to refresh from the huskiness of the nature, that’s all.


In the branches of the evening and around the air of April-rains for an essential refreshment…,


The Wind in the backdrop.., a look in turn…


Refreshing the Wings..


Rain- Clouds are there ahead !!

I used my Nikon D600 to make use of the moment, that’s all about this session of the evening rains of the April..!!