The Summer Bath …..

The Summer Bath …..


Greater Couccal, the bird of fortune on the pool in the summer


Greater Couccal, the bird of fortune in India, after the summer-bath

The bird of fortune has actually there on the pool to quench the thirst in that summer. But after satisfying the thirst, there broke out the idea to have a full spreading dip into the pool and relax in the water for a long while…these postures reflect the bird after the full-fledged dips in the summer-pool..!!

The Kingfisher Closeups and more about the bird….

The Kingfisher Closeups and more about the bird….

 The images I took a few months before in my Canon 500D speaks more about the ‘White -Throated Kingfisher’ in closeups from the tropical India; I think it would be pleasing to  all who like birds around the world..,Kf1Kf2 Kf3 Kf4 Kf5

Daytime Passing Away And The Feathers Frilling Up!!

Wild Memoirs

Among the landscapes of the township , stood a garden of woods in the business of the  urban streets; a place of rest and less noise set away from the streets rather rich in trees and vegetation.There found a place of rest to the Great Egret in an afternoon of a  bright sunny day;and the time passed away with the sight of the frilling up of the feathers in the glowing white…..of the Great Egret

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Profiles Of An Indian Pond Heron….!


The Indian Pond Heron at steep inclination

Beside  the pool near the fields in the higher planes of the coastal lands in India ,I met with the Pond Heron brooding for some time in a dry afternoon.The sun was hot and the bird was in need of wet .Thus I  tried to capture some profiles of it  with my Canon 500D. To get the postures stable it was not easy to fix a tripod for the moment …so I had managed to get on with the bird by the camera held at hand…


A watch around still being in the same stand for awhile at the pool

It was a gradual move in succession from one angle to another while checking into the pool until the wings are fully spread out into the water…!


The Body Aroused Quickly And The Feathers Shook Off All On A Sudden…


A Sharp Look Aside


The Indian Pond Heron Standing A face!

After clearing a thorough check of the surroundings ,the Heron fully spread the wings apart and plunged the bottom level of the body into the pool and shook off the feathers suddenly and dipped the whole into the water quickly in seconds and got aroused itself in that plunge for a few seconds ..!!After a few seconds of plunging in, slowly got up and wind the body up back and grew vigilant with a sharper look aside! Then slowly lifted the body up into a standing pose and stretched the legs apart…


The Bottom Lines In Twilight


Towards The Brighter Lights


phnwl6 More Profile Views


The Indian Pond Heron In Thoughtfulness Under The Shades In The Afternoon


The Regained Posture With The Necks Up!!

When the light grew brighter out of shades ,the Heron kept the body towards the sun thus changing the posture again into another turn of the body in the stand out pose; the bright afternoon lights bordered the bottom-lines in bright white lights..!The next moment was to move a little bit away from the spot with the neck released …in search of some prey on the ground in the the light shone brighter than before and figure stood against the wild backdrops in stark contrast reflecting the lights in high intensity …!! A few more profiles were taken in the same pose with slight variations in angles to have more profile views ..Finishing the side-way searches around ,the Indian Heron turned into the side back and scratched the jaws with the foot-nails in some thoughtfulness under the shades .pausing awhile…. Within seconds,it turned back towards the lights and kept a position aside the pool ,raising the necks up in pride…!!