The Forenoon and Afternoon Postures of the Pond Heron..!!

The Forenoon and Afternoon Postures of the Pond Heron..!!

brown profile - Copy

Forenoon Pond Heron profile …


The Pond Heron in the Afternoon after a dip in the pool..

Depicted here are the postures of Indian Pond Herons during the forenoon and afternoon in my Canon 500D with its prime lens. I would like to describe these images rather portraits of the bird than mere bird-images..!


The Pond Heron balancing postures

IMG_7664 - Copy - Copy

Pond Heron looks in the Afternoon

A Way to the Pond when the Rains around ….!!

A Way to the Pond when the Rains around ….!!

When the evening was filled with the clouds of rain in this April, the kingfisher found the way to the pond to have a dip to refresh itself from the hot and humid noon..! Slight rain, the haughty wind and the gloomy air were there around the plains …and hence it was essential for the bird to quench its thirst and to refresh from the huskiness of the nature, that’s all.


In the branches of the evening and around the air of April-rains for an essential refreshment…,


The Wind in the backdrop.., a look in turn…


Refreshing the Wings..


Rain- Clouds are there ahead !!

I used my Nikon D600 to make use of the moment, that’s all about this session of the evening rains of the April..!!

Climbing Fruit Season

Climbing Fruit Season

Climbing with a keen watch below

Climbing with a keen watch below

The fruit season came in the tropical orchard.The squirrel felt happy to climb up and down the tree full filled with fruits.The up and down moves grew swift in the orchard and the sounds of it went gently into the wind.I took my Canon 500 with my Sigma 300mm Lens to capture the scenes ..


Finally upon the Feed!

The Thirst for a Song or The Indian black Male…!!

The Thirst for a Song or The Indian black Male…!!


The Indian’ Koil ‘which is called ‘The Black Indian Male Singer’.


Before quenching the thirst before a melodious note in the afternoon..


A short pause before a plunge….


Thirsting in….in the wilderness of the summer..!!


The Indian Black Male Singer ; near the summer pool…

Singing in the wild is sweet while heard away from the singer….but singing out in the wilderness of the surroundings is quite hard to any singer. Here I have the pauses between the wild summer notes flown out of the Indian Black Singer  during the dense afternoons of the last midsummer from the tropical lands of Southern India.In the morning notes of the bird, there had not been nothing sweet due to the, for  some melodious notes from that throat, I have to wait till the bird has had a throat fulfilled in the afternoon after the moments that I had frozen down with these stills …!

The Leaf-Chieftain or the Face beyond Faces !

The Leaf-Chieftain or the Face beyond Faces !


‘The Face’ evolved out of dry leaves in the scenery of greens in the tropical garden which I met with years before in a summer evening and happened to shot in my Canon500D with Sigma 300mm zoom lens, as an abstract image.

I was in search of some images that would reflect the evening lights that pass through the garden with my Canon 500D accompanied with Sigma 300mm Zoom lens. Years have passed across.While wandering in between the dry leaves and the new ones that gently shuffled in the gentle wind of summer, I was upset before this Face that was formed by the old and fresh leaves and the light and shade twisting created out of it in the slanting lights of the evening..that had made a remembrance and resemblance simultaneously of a nature chieftain who was born to safeguard the boundaries of this Natures’ greenery and the wealth of trees…!

The Acrobat ..!!

The Acrobat ..!!


The squirrel acrobat from the rustic woods in southrn part of India


Balancing with the twig-rod (the squirrel -acrobat)

This acrobat was found in the rustic woods in the morning ,practicing at the main trunk of the tree at the heights with this piece of twig for a pretty long time in a summer in the past years . I got these moments into my canon 500D with my Sigma 300mm zoom lens…!IMG_2456 IMG_2462

‘The Cock -Tail’-Postures!!!


‘The charming Call’ after the rains of the last day !!


The Turning Ahead..


A Frilled up Move ..!

The day was a bit cloudy and there was rain in the day before. There I got these cocktail postures from the neighboring walls of the tropical village in my native Indian rustic scenes.The bird was on the walls to walk and watch around..on the way it had taken some time to get  relaxed and refreshed ! Thus I got the chance to have these pictures of these outstanding ‘male -gestures’ of feathers and the charming head in deep colors !! (all were shot in my CanonEOS500D )