The Forenoon and Afternoon Postures of the Pond Heron..!!

The Forenoon and Afternoon Postures of the Pond Heron..!!

brown profile - Copy

Forenoon Pond Heron profile …


The Pond Heron in the Afternoon after a dip in the pool..

Depicted here are the postures of Indian Pond Herons during the forenoon and afternoon in my Canon 500D with its prime lens. I would like to describe these images rather portraits of the bird than mere bird-images..!


The Pond Heron balancing postures

IMG_7664 - Copy - Copy

Pond Heron looks in the Afternoon

The Thirst for a Song or The Indian black Male…!!

The Thirst for a Song or The Indian black Male…!!


The Indian’ Koil ‘which is called ‘The Black Indian Male Singer’.


Before quenching the thirst before a melodious note in the afternoon..


A short pause before a plunge….


Thirsting in….in the wilderness of the summer..!!


The Indian Black Male Singer ; near the summer pool…

Singing in the wild is sweet while heard away from the singer….but singing out in the wilderness of the surroundings is quite hard to any singer. Here I have the pauses between the wild summer notes flown out of the Indian Black Singer  during the dense afternoons of the last midsummer from the tropical lands of Southern India.In the morning notes of the bird, there had not been nothing sweet due to the, for  some melodious notes from that throat, I have to wait till the bird has had a throat fulfilled in the afternoon after the moments that I had frozen down with these stills …!

The Summer Bath …..

The Summer Bath …..


Greater Couccal, the bird of fortune on the pool in the summer


Greater Couccal, the bird of fortune in India, after the summer-bath

The bird of fortune has actually there on the pool to quench the thirst in that summer. But after satisfying the thirst, there broke out the idea to have a full spreading dip into the pool and relax in the water for a long while…these postures reflect the bird after the full-fledged dips in the summer-pool..!!

Velvet Lights In the Evening And The Greater Couccal…!!

Velvet Lights In the Evening And The Greater Couccal…!!

In the evening of the midsummer , the evening lights had produced a velvet effect among the leaves in the brimming branches beside the walls and the Greater Couccal , otherwise called as the bird of good omens or the bird of fortune in Central and South India, stepped into the wall in that twilight…the angular posture and the lights in green glitters I can’t forget that I took in my Canon 500D with the prime lens of 400mm of the Canon breed !!


Greater Couccal or The Bird of Good Omens in the twilight, a capture in the last midsummer in my Canon 500D with its 400 mm prime lens

The Thurst And After…


The Thirsty Rufous Treepie (Dendrocitta vagabunda)


Scanning Amidst The Banana Leaves


The Treepie Posing

The summer was at its peak ;hence the noon was hot…and so the thirsty Treepie (Rufous Treepie-IndianTreepie) landed the branch near the pool among the woods when the sun started sliding down from the topmost sky. After taking two or three dips into the pool, it flew into the banana tree and spent there for getting into the focus for the camera.

After having some busy scans among the banana leaves, left the spot for awhile…and reached back when the sun got less hot…and now found a place amidst the young palms of coconut, balancing the body with the feet among the leaves for a few moments in less light….and then left away from the woods..!!


The Treepie Balancing In Between The Palm-leaves