A Way to the Pond when the Rains around ….!!

A Way to the Pond when the Rains around ….!!

When the evening was filled with the clouds of rain in this April, the kingfisher found the way to the pond to have a dip to refresh itself from the hot and humid noon..! Slight rain, the haughty wind and the gloomy air were there around the plains …and hence it was essential for the bird to quench its thirst and to refresh from the huskiness of the nature, that’s all.


In the branches of the evening and around the air of April-rains for an essential refreshment…,


The Wind in the backdrop.., a look in turn…


Refreshing the Wings..


Rain- Clouds are there ahead !!

I used my Nikon D600 to make use of the moment, that’s all about this session of the evening rains of the April..!!


Kingfisher On My Way….!!

I have been  longed for a kingfisher at my reach since my days of photographing birds…so I felt it tremendously delightful to find one around my reach in a glorious day of bright sunlight..!


The Beak Downwards!


Pose Horizontal!


Head Ahead!

The Kingfisher was found sitting in the upper branches of a divine tree which stood very near to me . Immediately I collected my camera with the prime lens and stood atop a sidewall near the tree ,about an angle of 25 degree aiming the branch ,it was a great thing that the bird was still there on the branch ..I took 2 ,3 shots and held down the camera and waited a little..but the bird had remained there for me  for more shots again and I went on with nonstop shooting so as to get enough poses of the bird in different angles and statures on the same branch… That wonderful day of my  union with the kingfisher I got bright pictures with awesome contrasts and the experience was eternal…but I yearned for more ….more close views of the bird…meanwhile I got the bird on some lesser bright days in closer views but in less contrasting range…anyway the pictures were rather close ups than the series shown above.


The Kingfisher At Shades In The Mid-day Lights


The Bird At Dusk

The bird in the evening shades of the dusk was quite picturesque even though the shot is less sharp and the tones are brown;the brownish tints of the time enables the frame to have the finish of an oil painting of classic touch!

By the completion of another year ,I found myself fortunate enough to have the wonderful bird on my way ahead and so close to me that I was capable enough to get more shots in closer looks with more fine details….for which I pray the bird forever…!!


The White-Throat In Detail


The Bird In Closer Looks