‘The Cock -Tail’-Postures!!!


‘The charming Call’ after the rains of the last day !!


The Turning Ahead..


A Frilled up Move ..!

The day was a bit cloudy and there was rain in the day before. There I got these cocktail postures from the neighboring walls of the tropical village in my native Indian rustic scenes.The bird was on the walls to walk and watch around..on the way it had taken some time to get ┬árelaxed and refreshed ! Thus I got the chance to have these pictures of these outstanding ‘male -gestures’ of feathers and the charming head in deep colors !! (all were shot in my CanonEOS500D )

The Summer Bath …..

The Summer Bath …..


Greater Couccal, the bird of fortune on the pool in the summer


Greater Couccal, the bird of fortune in India, after the summer-bath

The bird of fortune has actually there on the pool to quench the thirst in that summer. But after satisfying the thirst, there broke out the idea to have a full spreading dip into the pool and relax in the water for a long while…these postures reflect the bird after the full-fledged dips in the summer-pool..!!