Bathing time, the Greater Couccal , the Bird of Fortune,

Bathing time, the Greater Couccal , the Bird of Fortune,


Getting refreshed after a plunge


Landing into the Bathing Point with pointed beak and shrewd eyes…!

In the hot summer time of South India,the Greater Couccal which is also described as the Bird of Fortunes in the legends of India, came to the pool to have a bath in detail…Deccoucl3The first plunge into the pool was over and the bird stood steady ahead with the eyes looking sharper ….and the feet shaking for a moment ….


So vigilant that nobody should hurt the bathing moments…

After a prolonged dip, it got out of the pool in power and stared the surroundings in more vigilance!


The Greater Couccal, after the full fledged bath..

When bathing was over, the Bird of Fortune of the Legends ,with the wet body and a cool head ,made a look ahead in search of the Mate…!


‘The Cock -Tail’-Postures!!!


‘The charming Call’ after the rains of the last day !!


The Turning Ahead..


A Frilled up Move ..!

The day was a bit cloudy and there was rain in the day before. There I got these cocktail postures from the neighboring walls of the tropical village in my native Indian rustic scenes.The bird was on the walls to walk and watch around..on the way it had taken some time to get ┬árelaxed and refreshed ! Thus I got the chance to have these pictures of these outstanding ‘male -gestures’ of feathers and the charming head in deep colors !! (all were shot in my CanonEOS500D )